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Music can make any brand shine, either as a value added service or as a market differentiator. Customers and record labels all over the world trust 24-7 Entertainment as one of the world’s leading providers of digital music services.

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Streaming – that's how you listen to music today. mju:z, our B2B white label product, offers a comprehensive suite of clients from which your customers can listen to music.

Whether they want to take their music on the road with their phones and tablets, listen on their computers or use their favorite streaming device at home - we're there to support. Our goal is to build simple, yet powerful and attractive user experiences that are based on the best of Scandinavian and German design principles, to offer state-of-the-art digital lifestyle products.

YouSee - our white label music streaming service

YouSee is the largest cable operator in Denmark

Turn-Key solution

mju:z, our B2B white label product, consists of easy to skin pre-built assets, which allow us to deploy best of breed solutions in our client’s name, following their unique visual identity needs, fast and painlessly. We continuously update these with new features and improvements, taking away the need for having own development teams. As a customer you are even invited to participate in the prioritisation of new features with our team of functional leads. In other words: we deliver a fully maintained turn-key solution which you can influence as our customer. Your promotional team, editorial staff, customer support people and business analysts are in safe hands. Our service is being managed using our rich portal management system where your editors will promote content. Your support team will help users who are lost and you can monitor how well you're doing.


our B2B white label product

Rich APIs

For integration into additional platforms and the implementation of highly unique user experiences, we offer a micro service based RESTful API. It's built by developers for developers. It is easy to use and rich in functionality. Thanks to this, we've seen enterprise customers implement solutions into their unique set-top boxes - and our many CE (Consumer Electronics) partners have used it to enrich their hardware with the power of music streaming.

Implementation and Integration

You have a customer base already?

Not a problem. We use OAuth 2.0 to authenticate on our platform. Integrating into your existing infrastructure is uncomplicated using proven internet standards. There is no need to create users on our platform up front, and we don't need to know any of the personal data.

You have a unique go-to-market model?

Not a problem either. Our provisioning and authorization APIs allow us to support a multitude of offering types, supporting your creative ideas.


Easy to use and rich in functionality


We work with everyone. From the major music labels (Sony, Universal & Warner) to more than 665.000 independent labels and aggregators. That means we have more than 40 million tracks in our vaults. Our content team work tirelessly to find and license the music content your consumers want. We take great pride in having a broad and deep catalogue.

Once we know more about your needs, we'll help bring the right content onto your service as well. From talking to content providers and rights holders to the ingestion of unique content.

You want to deliver content to us?

To bring your content to our platform is easy. We work together with local aggregators that license and deliver content to us on behalf of labels and artists. Select your country in the list below and find potential aggregators for you to contact.

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